Day 366: The Millennials

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December 31, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

I have…too much to say about the 366 days that we’ve just lived through.  Too much for a single post.  Too much has happened in my life, and in the lives my life has touched, or even looked upon, heard of, admired and been fortunate enough to make even the briefest contact with – too much to summarize or capture in a single day.  These days have been remarkable and important and great.  Some were better than others; others less memorable than some, but each one important, both alone an together with the days that came before and those that followed.  Every day was made a little better by The Kick-Off.  Every day had a new adventure, each and every one of which was unique and good and important.  Every one of them made a difference in the world, even if apparently small, and I’m proud to think that I have made even a small difference in every one of them.  It has been a remarkable and great year – a full year; one that will overflow into the next.  The Kick-Off officially ends here, but the journey is anything but finished.  Today is worth more than a single project.  Today is worth more than 10, or 100, or 1,000.  But I’m giving today 10 as a tribute and a testament to the unfinished work we are collaborating on together – all of us – simply by being alive, awake, and actively participating in this world we’re building for one another.  It’s a world full of amazing things, too many of which remain secret; too few of which thrive in the daylight, supported by the millions of hands and hearts and minds that they merit.  The Kick-Off has been an attempt to lend one more hand and one more heart and one more mind to 366 projects.  I suppose an extra ten wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Here are ten projects I admire, each one for their own reasons, and in no particular order at all.  Here are ten projects I hope to see build momentum and take flight and circle the world, turning heads all along the way.  Here are ten projects that I’m now a part of, and that I hope you’ll join me in being a part of too.

For an amazing year, full of amazing new things and places and people; to my new friends and old; to everyone and everything and everywhere that has brought me here and helped me become who I am, thank you.

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