Day 363: Make Noise

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December 28, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

No big secret: I like to ride my bicycle.  I like to ride my bike.  I’ll run the risk of hyperbolizing by saying that I think riding a bike is one of the best things a person can do.  Think about it – it is cheaper and less wasteful than a car, it’s great for your body, it exposes you to the outdoors (for better or worse), and it forces you to consider whether you actually want to buy that second gargantuan computer monitor when you’re going to have to lug it home on two wheels.  Yes, yes, cars have numerous advantages over bikes – climate-control and cargo space among them – but I feel like most non-bikers don’t truly appreciate the joys of biking.  Bikers, though, get it, and are happy to peddle every day they get to peddle to and from work, school, home, the market and anywhere else two wheels will take them.  From a very biased, but objectively defensible position, I think more should be done to make the world bike-friendlier.  Frankly, it still isn’t; not entirely.  The mentality of a car-driver sharing the road with a bike-rider is often a frustrated and off-guard one, which makes street cycling more dangerous than it ought to be.  Today’s project wants to change by making a little noise.

Loud Bicycle is a car horn for bikes.  Drivers respond to car noises more than to bike sounds  (and who can blame them with “ding-ding” is the sound they hear before they drive over some poor cyclist?).  Back this project for yourself or for the cyclist you love (like me, for instance) before January 13.


Drivers react to car horns before they even know where the sound is coming from. A driver that gets beeped at while backing out of a driveway for example, will immediately brake. These kinds of reflexive reactions are perfect to keep cyclists safe. Some motorists don’t realize that their driving habits can be dangerous for cyclists. Drivers will learn to be more aware of cyclists after a Loud Bicycle horn is honked at them.

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