Day 360: To Impress

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December 25, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

I’ve never given much credit to clothes.  My wardrobe consists of basic and functional garments in colors that, yes, admittedly, I think look nice on me.  But I’ve never spent more than 2 minutes caring about my clothes.  I think part of the reason I give so little credit to clothes is that most people don’t have much say about the actual pieces of clothing they put on – clothes, much like television shows, magazine articles and breakfast cereals, are finished goods – purchased after the point of production, almost never to be remade or improved upon for the remainder of their existence.  Until now, that’s usually been the case by default, simply because clothes are fairly difficult to modify by the end-user.  Until now, only the bold (or the clumsy) could remove a pocket, and only the skilled and inclined could put it somewhere else.  Until. Now.

Today’s project is a customizable clothing line which offers hope for the end users to put on clothes that are truly, undeniably their own.  Check out ThreadLab’s wares and back it before January 1.


For the first time ever, people with no experience in fashion design or sewing can make their own custom shirts and get professional-level results, too. ThreadLab uses modular components that you select and then assemble in minutes using a simple home iron. The secret is a special heat-activated adhesive film developed for the high-end sportswear industry.


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