Day 359: Steel Dancer

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December 24, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

I hope you had a joyous Festivus.  One of the bestivus.  One thing that I’ve always liked about “the holidays” (as if there was something extra special about these particular holidays against all of the numerous others littered across the calendar year) is the nostalgia that I get from old movies.  It’s strange because, in my case, it’s not even one particular old movie that makes me feel nostalgic – I dig pretty much anything filmed in an era when Christmas on camera was a little more magical than what passes for a seasonal blockbuster these days (no offense, Tyler Perry….actually, I take that back.  Stop it, Tyler Perry.  Just stop).

There really was something special about the way films were once made – something that I’m afraid we might be losing as we move more toward the artificial and superficial.  I’m not a Luddite – I appreciate mutation, adaptation, evolution, progress – but I think that there is an innate value to cinema that required exhaustive consideration on behalf of the producers.  No project better captures this spirit than today’s.

ACTION! Master Class with Nicholas Ray explores the depth and breadth of one of cinema’s heroes – a director/producer/writer/creator/artist who helped define and refine the magic of 20th century movies.  Check out the legacy and lessons of Ray by backing the film on Kickstarter before January 2.


In ACTION! you’ll encounter Nick’s charismatic presence as he shares his knowledge of what he called “the cathedral of the arts.” He’ll offer you, in his own words and voice, behind-the-scenes accounts from the sets of his classic films, along with insights as to how and why he did what he did in those memorable scenes—at the Planetarium in Rebel, for example.


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