Day 357: Virtuality

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December 22, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Every once in a while, you’ll be lucky enough to have a new idea.  Maybe the idea won’t start as your own – maybe you’ll meet someone, or overhear someone, and you’ll take some or all of what they had said and you’ll internalize it.  The idea then becomes, at least in part, yours, and that can be a very exciting moment.  It might change the way you look at the whole world and everyone in it; it might make you happy, or excited, or more curious.  Whatever the case, I think there’s a direct correlation between the amount of new ideas a person experiences and their worth as a conscious being.  With this in mind, I think searching for new ideas is a rationally selfish endeavor that I try to undertake daily.  Some days are more productive than others, but with the networks I connect to, that’s really nobody’s fault but my own.  More so now than ever before, I (we) float on an ocean of new ideas, and need only to open our sails and grip the wheel in order to journey through them, in whatever direction we choose.  Today’s documentary is a remarkable new way to travel this sea.

CLOUDS is almost as much a video game as it is a documentary.  Almost.  I’ve heard of interactive documentaries before, but this new “film” is setting the bar about as high as I’ve ever seen.  Filmed using some amazing and amazingly innovative technology, CLOUDS is pioneering a new way to explore and experience new ideas throughout the network at your fingertips and in front of your eyes.

Check out the project and join me in backing it before January 8.


Over the last year we have captured interviews with over 30 new media artists, curators, designers, and critics, using a new 3D cinema format called RGBD. CLOUDS presents a generative portrait of this digital arts community in a videogame-like environment. The artists inhabit a shared space with their code-based creations, allowing you to follow your curiosity through a network of stories.



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