Day 352: Grown Up

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December 17, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

You’ll have to forgive me if it seems as though there have been a conspicuous abundance of urban farming, home-growing, decentralized, deindustrialized food production project over the past 352 days.  I, however, apologize for nothing.  Today’s project is not totally unique – it shares many characteristics with many of the like-minded vertical, home-based, sustainable and urban agriculture projects The Kick-Off has supported so far this year.  Those characteristics and that mindset, however, are ones that I fundamentally support, and not just in one instance.  Let’s take a shotgun approach.  Let’s scatter support to every instance of a really good and important idea coming to life and hope for the very best.  If even one flourishes and thrives, even that one can change the world.  I don’t see any of these endeavors failing, so it compels me to continue the campaign to support others.  I’m proud to be predictable in my support for good ideas and I hope you are too.  Join me in backing another smart and important project to reinvent the way our food gets to our tables.  Back the Urban Hydro Project before December 23.


Urban Hydro Project is an urban hydroponic farm that provides fresh, local food YEAR ROUND to people in the Nashville community. We grow lettuces, tomatoes, herbs, and other leafy greens. Here’s the catch…we’re currently only using a quarter of our grow room.


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