Day 349: Give a F*ck about Food

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December 14, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

I was recently given the opportunity to screen an episode of a show that’s being considered for broadcast soon.  Without revealing too much, I can tell you that the pilot episode gave me some mixed feelings.  The premise is simple enough: a walk through the industrial food complex – guided tours through a handful of shining stars in American food processing.  On one hand, I was impressed by just what sort of technology is behind the massive amounts of food produced and packaged and purchased every day.  On the other hand, I witnessed just how little people care about the content and character of their food, relative to the taste and convenience.  Who cares if it’s refined and void of nutrients?  It’s bright blue and sweeter than any known natural substance on Earth!  Yum, yum…..yum.

A few years ago, I began to reject the way I saw food – as nothing but taste and texture – as nothing but a way to feel good.  It wasn’t easy, and it certainly didn’t make me more fun at parties, but I look back now knowing that I made the right choice.  It’s a choice I continue to make, and intend to for the remainder of what I hope will be a long and healthy life.  A sweet, but sugar-free life.  A life fueled by the things my body and mind need (and have come to really want, instead of what could otherwise be found in abundance in grocery stores around the world).  I made the shift without needing to, but there are others less fortunate than I in that respect.  There are some – too many, in fact – that seek the truth about food and nutrition because their lives depend upon that search in a much more immediate way.  Mary Shenouda was one who began a jouney to real food after she got a clear and alarming message: eat well or suffer.  She’s now working with her friend to help thousands of others take the road so far less traveled, without having to feel the pain first.  CleanEats is their service to a hungry world – providing food and the support of knowledge and a community to anyone who’s even a little paleo-curious.  Trust me, it’s worth a bite.  Back it before January 17.


The CleanEats Kitchen will be a place where we can expand our own LunchBox and Granola reach but also be available to the Paleo Community for Workshops, Paleo Pop Ups [We’ve been looking at spaces with extra room for private dining] and a playground for other like-minded entrepreneurs to make their own primal dreams a reality.


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