Day 348: Simply Spice

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December 13, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

A few things draw me into today’s project.  I’ll try to be succinct about each of them.

1) I’m a sucker for entrepreneurs.  Brian Storn has taken a simple idea – borne from his childhood and actually going back generations in his family – and brought it to life.

2) I’m a sucker for spice.  Flavor is underrated.  How much intricacy is there in a standard American diet comprised principally of sugar, starch, salt and oil?  Who’s got the thyme for anything else?

The Herb Wheel is something I hope will help people expand their gustatory horizons by making spice less scary.  A simple, informative and unique guide to seasoning things from poultry and fish to sauces and soups, the wheel will hopefully get people to see past the salt shaker and maybe into the garden for something fresher, healthier, and definitely tastier.

Check out The Herb Wheel and order one (or two) for yourself (or me) by December 20.


Grandma Storn was an amazing woman:  smart, well-educated, and strong.  Grandma and grandpa met while gettting their pharmacy degrees at Cincinnati’s School of Pharmacology in the 1930’s.  She was his biology tutor and we are still not sure if grandpa really needed the help or not.  They graduated together in 1936 and started their family shortly thereafter.  Then around 1944 they bought an existing pharmacy on the corner of 6th & Washington Avenues in Newport, Kentucky, during an era when The Syndicate ran the city.  (I have many stories about them during this time but we’ll save that for another day.)



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