Day 343: Choose Your Own Adventure

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December 8, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

By now, you might have heard me ruminate about the sense of awe I have with regard to the networks we live in – the historically-unique, immense, powerful, meaningful networks that make up so much of the modern human existence.  There’s a lot to ruminate on, but one of my favorite subjects is the notion of participatory…everything.  As recent as 15 years ago, most people were strictly consumers.  That is to say that they produced very little, relative to what they consumed.  I’d still contend that we are all still very much more consumers than we are producers, but the balance is becoming less uneven thanks to the ability we share to create and distribute content.  In short, we are all artists, or at least as much as we choose to be; there’s very little to hold us back from making and sharing our wildest imaginings.  I like to believe that we are a uniquely imaginative species, and we should be proud of that.  We should embrace it, especially since we’re now more able to do things with it, thanks to the technology, tools and infrastructure that surrounds us.  It’s pretty awesome.  Today’s project thinks so too, and is asking us to imagine and share, so that others can do the same.

Margins is an incomplete magazine.  It’s raw and unfinished and waiting – asking – for your help, in more ways than just your Kickstarter-enabled dollars.  You can write – comment, question, critique and ruminate – and pass along your own additions to each edition.  I’m digging the invasion of participation into the realm formerly occupied by strictly finished goods.  Don’t just consume.  Give back, and give some love to Margins before December 17.


Margins is a new kind of magazine – one that imagines the moment of publication to be the beginning of the creative journey rather than the end of it. It takes bravery to see a work of art – whether it be a story, sculpture, photograph, your grandmother’s chocolate soufflé recipe, a love letter you never meant to send or sent on accident, whatever – through to completion. It takes even more bravery to send that tender, bleating thing into the published world. The idea of someone picking it apart may be terrifying, but it’s what we want.


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