Day 341: Show Business

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December 6, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

I believe I’ve ruminated in the past about my relationship with the movies.  I believe I’ve shared with you previously my distaste for most theaters and my love for the unique and extraordinary ones.  It takes more than good movies to make going to the theater great.  There’s more than overpriced tickets, stale popcorn and sticky seats behind today’s project to protect and restore an iconic theater that’s been lighting up the big screens for over 86 years.  Portland’s Hollywood Theater is a nonprofit center for cinema – classic, cult and everything between.  They’re looking for Kickstarter’s help in rebuilding the historic marquee that will speak to the long legacy of the theater’s movie magic.  Back it before December 18.


The Hollywood Theatre, Portland’s historic nonprofit theater, is in dire need of a new marquee. The current marquee is crumbling and leaking through the roof, slowly damaging the beautiful façade. The goal of this Kickstarter campaign is to raise the remaining $55,000 to fabricate and install a new neon, illuminated sign based on the design of the theater’s original marquee of 1926. The Meyer Memorial Trust has already pledged $25,000, the Kinsman Foundation has pledged $10,000, the Hollywood Boosters have pledged $5,000 and we have already received thousands of dollars of donations from individuals and businesses, but we still need a minimum of $55,000 to make the new marquee a reality.


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