Day 339: Tech Show

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December 4, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Science is beautiful.  You don’t need to be a scientist to think so (and actually, scientists are at greater risk for actually missing the beauty than those outside the lab), but you do need to be paying attention.  Today’s project is one that believes in championing the beauty and creativity of science and technology, and is building a showcase of beautiful innovations in a magazine (that’s more like a book) called HOLO.  Help fund the first issue by backing it on Kickstarter before December 15.


HOLO is a new magazine that explores the convergence of art, science and technology, brought to you by the team at CreativeApplications.Net (CAN). An extension to one of the most authoritative art and technology blogs, HOLO is dedicated to rich, detailed stories that demand time and attention. With HOLO we are committed to telling these stories – attentively and expertly – in a patient, spacious medium that does them justice.


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