Day 334: Heirloom@Home

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November 29, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

I don’t know where you are right now, but if it’s anywhere near me, I hope you’re wearing pants, because it’s cold outside.  I miss watermelon season… Actually, I miss just plain old anything-growing season.  Winter has its charm to be sure, but I’ve always wished I could sustain an indoor garden to last year-round – one that might bring life and color to an indoor existence, and also maybe feed me.  (I’ve got a bad track record of eating indoor plants to death…I’m sorry rosemary.  You did not die in vain.)  Today’s project seems like an innovative and elegant solution, at a price I actually can justify paying!

I hope to see more systems like this in the future, because I envision a future full of green gardens and fresh food on every table every day of the year.  Back Urban Farms before December 1.

The concept behind Urban Farm is to create fully customizable, sustainable gardens that will provide renewable food year-after-year and even continue thriving in economic crisis. Most “survival gardens” I’ve researched on the web are way overpriced, don’t give you much of a selection, and are far too generic. Guess what? I don’t like cauliflower, and I don’t want to grow it! You do? Great! But maybe you don’t care about melons – or maybe you’re a melon fiend! This project allows you to create your own garden with what you want in it, which I will then seal into a custom-made capsule to be stored for however long you want!


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