Day 331: Ghost Race

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November 26, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

The mind is an incredible thing.  Able not only to gather, store and interpret information, we can also visualize reality and un-reality all at once.  We can look at a car or building, or read an article or novel, and not only remember and understand the information presented to us, but we can turn it over, analyze it, and even expand on it, creatively.  If today’s project isn’t enough to make you think twice about believing what you read or even what you see however, we might be doomed at the hands of our own minds’ appetite for tasty new information.

Today’s project is about false evidence.  Run Free 2013 is a marathon that will never exist, despite all the pictures.  It’s an experiment to test the limits of human gullibility in an age when so much “proof” can be counterfeited on a whim.  And what a whimsical counterfeit it shall be.  Check out the race and back this project before November 30.

But what if something DIDN’T actually happen, but there are STILL pictures  of it? Does that mean it DID happen? If something is fake, how much  evidence does it take before it becomes real?

That’s the question we’re trying to answer.


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