Day 330: Occupied

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November 25, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

I hope you’ve never heard of The Yes Men.  Unfortunately, you probably have.  That means their job of shaking up the world becomes increasingly more difficult as people grow familiar with their faces and their schemes.  Forever determined and forever clever, however, the Yes Men are building an army to walk amongst us, undetected – saboteurs of the status quo with an agenda to make people wake up and think a bit.  They’ve had a remarkable, hilarious, sordid and world-changing experience so far – no reason to stop now.  Check out their film, The Yes Men are Revolting on Kickstarter and back it before November 30.

The Yes Men Are Revolting completes a trilogy of funny feature docs we started a decade ago. In our first film, The Yes Men (2004), we posed as spokespeople for the World Trade Organization, acting out comedic vigilante justice against the elite. In The Yes Men Fix the World (2009), we delivered a bunch of hard-hitting, hilarious stunts that show why we must change our corporations-first system, and what’s in store if we don’t. The Yes Men Are Revolting will be even more jam-packed with screwball comedy, nail-biting suspense, nasty stings, and informative documentary. It’ll also have a gripping personal storyline the first two films lacked—as well as a human-staffed platform to convert viewer enthusiasm into direct action, letting everyone join in the fun and contribute to the movement for change.


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