Day 327: Risky Business

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November 22, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

I’ve always been impressed by entrepreneurs.  The spirit, discipline, determination, and vision it takes to change markets, change minds and change the world are things that a too-small percentage of people on Earth exercise as entrepreneurs.  Frankly (and I’m not just saying this under the warm light of a holiday permeated by gratitude), we all need to be thankful for entrepreneurs.  Find one, fund one, and don’t stop there, because there’s no shortage of people trying to make things happen.  Today’s project is just one story about a small team building a their own piece of a better future, moving markets and making meaning.  Check out Market 2.0 and back it before November 24.  And, by the way, thanks.

Market 2.0 chronicles the efforts of three young people who use their talents to effect change in one of the most  competitive, exclusive, and influential industries in America: the financial market. Friends since college, Vlad, Nick, and Baiju will try to use the skills and success they earned developing technology for large financial firms to create something for the rest of us: the first app ever that harnesses the power of social media to allow individuals to make trades. While this application has the potential to democratize the market – making the financial industry accessible, understandable, and accountable – it also challenges a powerful industry to be more transparent. Throughout the process, Vlad, Baiju, and Nick will test their friendship as they take on the uncompromising world of East-coast finance, and market a new kind of app.


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