Day 325: Making Fun Of Politics

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November 20, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

My favorite part of politics has always been the cartoons.  Somehow, caricatures seem able to convey the content of political action more clearly than any politician seems able to.  Another good example of lies to tell the truth, I suppose.  Regardless, I think very highly of any illustration that’s able to evoke genuine examination of cultural, political or even personal events from people like me who drown in the noise and static of most news media.  This is why I’m supporting today’s project, and why I think you should to.  Check out and back Life Begins at Incorporation by Matt Bors before November 21 to give the world a more colorful perspective on politics.

Life Begins At Incorporation will be a full color 225 page collection that groups my best cartoons with humor essays based on my favorite topics. (See chapter list below.) I’m going to take the next few months off from freelance work to write the essays and hire an editor, designer, and copy editor (update: hired!) to make sure this is a top-notch, professional product.


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