Day 323: Foreigner

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November 18, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

I, like any else, have a fairly rigid stance on immigration, which I’ve previously written about: it’s amazing.  It’s captivating, fascinating, inspiring and scary.  The thought of moving from one whole world of experience to another is one that requires bravery and sometimes desperation, but always an open mind.  Immigrant stories are uniquely gripping – they’re true stories of radical life changes where there’s no guarantee of a happy ending.  These stories can be enlightening, inspiring, sad and beautiful.  Today’s project hopes to capture moments of these life-long stories to let us all see the footprints of foreigners (and maybe compare them to ours).  Footprints by Saul Flores is a beautiful photographic collection of migration stories from around the world.  Check out some of the stunning work and back the mission to put these stories on the road before November 20.



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