Day 321: Hot Garbage

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November 16, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

You might not know it, but that banana peel you threw away this morning might be the answer to your high heating bill this month.  It’s not exactly a pound-for-pound conversion that makes your food waste worth its weight in fuel, but with the right biotechnology and enough garbage, composting has the potential to solve two problems at once.  Check out today’s project for an amazing undertaking to turn your trash into hot, juicy power.  Back the Compost Heat Recovery System on Kickstarter before November 18 and start to see the power in your garbage pail.

Developing compost heat recovery at Highfields’ Compost Research and Education Facility is an effort to take a process that is fundamental to sustainable food and farm systems, composting, and develop new technology to yield a second value from the process – renewable energy in the form of recovered heat.  With your support this system will advance this emerging technology and improve its effectiveness and efficiency, all the while bringing down the entry-level costs associated with it. In keeping with our organizational culture of appropriate technology for the people, we’ll make our understanding and designs of these systems available to everyone – ‘copy-lefting’ open-source designs.


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