Day 320: Little People, Big Ideas

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November 15, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Kids these days….
*shakes fist*  *again*
Are pretty lucky.  They’ve got more power to see, hear, go, experience and do more than even those of us who didn’t have iPads and 3D printers when we were growing up (not that we’re not still growing up).  We played with LEGOs and Gameboys.  Our parents played with…I don’t know, Hula Hoops and Pet Rocks?  Our kids will probably be playing with DNA synthesizers and fusion-powered go-karts.  Hopefully helmet technology will improve accordingly.  Regardless of my probably-poor predictions, kids even now are enjoying immense powers that when combined with the characteristic curiosity and imagination of childrens’ uninhibited minds can result in things that kids of yesteryear couldn’t even fathom.  Imagination + Determination + Tools & Technology = Dreams actually coming true.  Today’s project is about a kid who dreams of robots (and what kid wouldn’t, these days?)

Alison and Her Rainy Day Robot is about a bored little girl with a big imagination, a few animal friends, and enough know-how to put together a robotic companion to accompany her in some adventures.  It’s a cute story that eases itself into the robo-driven future (without any of the overlords…yet) and will definitely spark the imagination of kids who’ll go on to dream of even more amazing adventures and even more amazing machines.  Check out the book and back it before November 17.

Alison is bored bored BORED on a rainy day. She decides that, maybe to help her have fun, she’d build a robot–a funbot of sorts. So she and her penguins and her monkey friend Andrew work very hard to construct this robot. Unfortunately, when the robot is finally finished and turned on, it has some very boring sensibilities. And Alison and her robot argue and have to learn to become friends.


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