Day 319: A Matter of Perspective

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November 14, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Yesterday’s project was about stories that were true.  I expounded on the virtues of truth in storytelling because it gives us, the listeners, watchers and readers, something to grab onto and come along for the ride – to relate to and learn from.  Today’s project is a marvelous example of how we, the observers, don’t necessarily need something true.  Truth is meaningful almost by default.  Fiction has to work for it.  Today’s story is working it, and it seems to be working.

Fishbowl is the story about loss, tragedy, love and life.  It’s about perspective and what it means (and what it takes) to find joy in the face of pain, confusion, anger and fear.  It’s about real life, and just happens to be a little bit fictional.  Check out the film and the whole intrepid crew and back it before November 15.

This is a character driven story about two people who are both going through life-changing events. The film opens with Jameson learning that his girlfriend of three years has been cheating on him, simultaneous with Emily learning that she has a very rare, very serious heart condition. The two of them try to cope with this news in very different ways, letting their lives unravel and then trying to pick up the pieces again. The script is beautifully crafted and wonderfully written, and brings an unexpected layer of comedy to such otherwise difficult situations.


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