Day 318: True Stories

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November 13, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

What can I say about true stories that I haven’t said before?  I’m a sucker for stories – real, imagined and everything in between – but every good story contains a dose of truth that listeners can connect with.  To feel, to understand, to learn – that truth, no matter how small, is the doorway between our lives and the lives of the people in the story.  Fiction doesn’t have a monopoly on all the good stories, either.  There’s plenty of life going on outside of movies, TV and books.  Unfortunately, a lot of what we hear about are sad stories – of loss or fear or shame – but today’s project thinks that the true stories of good people doing good things are great stories, worth sharing.  That’s the objective of State of the Re:Union (SOTRU)- to tell the extraordinary stories of everyday people in America as they work, play, live, struggle and triumph together.  SOTRU has been at it for a while, and I definitely think you should check out some of their past episodes.  After hearing one or two, you won’t need my recommendation to get you to back this project before November 15.

All around us, every day, we hear, see, and experience stories of the American decline. The current narrative of this nation; of the world, is that things are falling apart.  And yet, when you zoom in close and look at the big problems that plague this nation, everyday people are doing extraordinary work to help each other, to engage their community, and to overcome obstacles.


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