Day 316: Comeback City

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November 11, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Time to look back to Detroit.  Not exactly my hometown, but the closest thing to a city I had growing up.  Not exactly a bit city, either.  Not anymore.  But there’s more to Detroit than a remarkable, cautionary, tragic and inspiring history.  That history isn’t over – the story’s unfolding still, and it’s still a great one.  Detroit might shine again one day, but only if we show off everything that’s still glimmering.  That’s the goal of today’s project – a guidebook for everything great in Detroit – everything that doesn’t get sufficient airtime or headlines, but everything Detroit can and should and must be proud of.  If all you’ve heard about Detroit is bad news, it’s time to look again.  Back this project before November 13 so that you, I and the rest of the world won’t have to look very hard.

The book will feature a carefully-curated selection of more than 750 favorite Detroit attractions, sites, institutions, events, restaurants, bars, and curiosities from the essential to the obscure, from throughout the city. We edited the book with help from 30 Detroit-based writers and researchers, and incorporated ideas from more than 300 local residents representing a wide range of ages and diverse backgrounds, and residing in every corner of the city. The book will showcase well-known establishments, bring much-needed attention to their more obscure counterparts, and put contemporary Detroit in a broad context by painting portraits of the city’s historic neighborhoods, sharing stories of its history and traditions, and detailing the people and culture that have made – and continue to make – the city great. In addition to reviews, it will feature hand-drawn illustrations, maps, and categorical lists.


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