Day 314: Learning to Fly

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November 9, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Today’s project makes me want to fly.  Not necessarily to get anywhere in particular – not to fly as a means of travel – but to fly for the experience of flying itself.  I’ve always been interested in learning to fly (with mechanical assistance), and today’s project revives that ambition with an amazing piece of technology that’s about as cool as I think a flying machine can get.  The Sunseeker Duo will be the second incarnation of an already-successful solar-powered ultra-lightweight aircraft that made it across the continental United States in 2009.  The Duo, however, will have room for two.

My hope is that by supporting this project, I’m supporting more than a small, passionate, visionary team’s dream to take flight.  I want to support the skyward ambition of all of us by supporting the technology that might someday take us all above the clouds.  It’s an amazing project that I hope you’ll join me in backing before November 11.

The SUNSEEKER DUO is our third and most ambitious solar powered airplane to date.  Built in co-operation with companies all over the World, this beyond State of the Art motor glider will certainly surpass all other electrically propelled aircraft flying so far!  Based on the well known Stemme S-10, our goal has been to build one for half the weight, including everything, solar cells batteries, and a well equipped instrument panel, for the pilots.


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