Day 311: Hell in a Handbasket

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November 6, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

There’s a lot to worry about if you pay too much attention to the world around us.  The election’s going on and panic is in the air everywhere I turn.  I’m doing my very best, however, to keep a comfortable bubble of perspective around myself at all times.  No, things aren’t great; yes, things could definitely stand to get better, but you know what?  We’re going to keep fighting no matter what.  We’ll fight each other no matter who wins the election or what policies get proposed, vetoed or stuffed in our faces over the next four years.  Nobody’s going to give up.  This isn’t over.  Think of the zombie apocalypse.  Even in the face of the worst possible scenario, people keep going – keep fighting and keep standing up for what they believe in.  So pipe down, sit back and start thinking about how lucky you are not to have to fight desperately for your right to stay alive for the next day.  Today’s project features a group of characters without such luck, but who are making the absolute best of it.  Check out what looks like a funny, raunchy, gory and all-around fun story about a couple of post-apocalypse punks.  Back The Goon movie on Kickstarter before November 11.

That’s right, this is your chance to help bring everyone’s favorite zombie smasher to the big screen! For over 12 years, Eric Powell’s comic book “The Goon” has thrilled readers around the globe with its fantastic world of mobsters, zombies, killer robots, giant fish-men, and every outrageous thing in between. The time has come to bring this great comic to theaters!


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