Day 310: Philostreligiotainment

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November 5, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Remember, remember…
Art that makes you think.  Books and movies are especially good at that.  It has to do with the depth of the stories they can tell (beyond what pictures and paintings and sculpture and even the sounds of music are capable of).  Movies in particular offer a particularly wide wide range of options for creators to beg questions and plant ideas in the minds of attentive viewers.  Film is boundlessly flexible.  Animated film in particular can bring life to the lifeless and open up new doors by tearing down thick preconceived notions about what’s possible.  Claymation is a beautiful, provocative and dying form, and my hope is that today’s project – on a mission for mindful, meaningful movies made millimeter by millimeter – will demonstrate to all of us just how much we’d miss the art if we let it disappear forever.  Check out The Claytheist on Kickstarter and back the film before November 8.

 For generations, humans beings have grappled with these concepts across all borders, races and walks of life, but the ideas of one hugely influential group have been criminally brushed aside:  The world of imaginary characters.  The Claytheist seeks to change all that with our revolutionary new “Philostreligiotainment” process, a technique that allows for two-way communication between human beings and created denizens of the imagination for the first time in known history.  The final project will be a stop-motion animated film combined with a performance in front of a live audience.  We hope to share the finished product with as many audiences as possible, bringing the experience to venues everywhere before releasing an online documentary of the process alongside the completed film.


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