Day 309: Road Trip

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November 4, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

I have never been on a real road trip.  I mean, I’ve driven for hours or even days to get somewhere I wanted or needed to go, staring out the windows of a moving car for miles  but always thinking about my destination.  A road trip means enjoying the journey.  It means stopping and taking in what others pass by on their route to somewhere else.  A road trip means that everywhere is a destination.  That’s the sort of road trip I’d like to someday take.  Today’s project is taking just that sort of trip, and inviting you and I along for the journey through a collection of pictures and stories they’ll take and share along their way across America.  Wake Up, We’re Here is going to be a book I’d be proud to relate to, and one I’m definitely looking forward to draw a little inspiration from.  Check it out and support it on Kickstarter before November 8.

This book is inspired by travel and celebrates the idea that we are all visitors and being a tourist isn’t always a bad cliche. Sometimes it’s a good cliché!


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