Day 308: Political Partytime

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November 3, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

In case you haven’t heard, America is having a presidential election.  Again.  Personally, I’ve found nothing about it to get excited about, but I find myself in a minority in that regard.  It seems to me that so much of politics is about obfuscation.  I don’t think that’s a mystery to most people – I think we all understand that politicians are wined, dined, influenced, persuaded, pressured, and occasionally bought and sold – I think we all recognize that there is corruption of one kind or another behind and throughout the system we elect to represent us.  I think, though, that we prefer not to regard it as significant (let alone outrageous) because it’s tidier to keep such foul play out of sight and out of mind.  We might just be obfuscating the obfuscation for fear of being outraged by it.  I’m not innocent of this – I spent a lot of time turning away from politics  because I feel helpless when I take the time to consider it.  The only way to address that helplessness, though, is head-on, by paying enough attention to maybe get sufficiently upset as to insist upon change.  What if we all spent a little time pulling back the curtain on the political game-playing…perhaps by turning it into a game for all of us.  That’s the premise of today’s very cool project: a game of compromises and bargains and ultimately, one of power.  Sounds like a good time.  Only about 3 days left to back this project with me.

Democracy is a game of deal making, debate, and diplomacy. You play a power broker and leader of a new national movement, a political mastermind who organizes campaigns and wins elections. Your job is to form alliances, yet always stand by your principles – make compromises, yet still achieve your agenda. To succeed you must herd cats, spin facts into a web of illusion, and speak POWER TO TRUTH.


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