Day 300: Escape Velocity

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October 26, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

It’s science time.  Hooray, science.

You might have noticed that science has done some pretty awesome things in space recently.  For example: deliver a minivan-sized robot safely to the surface of Mars using a jet-propelled, flying elevator station, deliver a man safely to the surface of Earth after ascending to the edge of our atmosphere, discover a few new planets, launch a few new space programs (private and otherwise)…the list goes on, and continues with today’s project, which brings hopes to Star Trek fans and those like us who share hopes of approaching the stars.

HyperV Technologies Corp. is responsible for a new generation of spacecraft propulsion, developed around plasma jet technology.  Now, in order to pave the way to the launchpad, they’re turning to you and I in an effort to fund some groundbreaking, concept-proving prototypes for their thrusters.  Back this mission before November 3 to fuel the next step into the final frontier.

Our vision is to design, build, and experimentally demonstrate a prototype pulsed plasma jet thruster targeted for orbital maneuvering, asteroid/comet rendezvous, orbital debris cleanup  and interplanetary transportation.  Our company, HyperV Technologies Corp.,  has extensive experience designing, building, operating, and deploying extremely high performance single-shot plasma  accelerators of many different shapes, sizes, and power levels. These  plasma jet  accelerators have  been developed for applications in fusion energy and high energy density plasma physics research [].


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