Day 297: Spend Some Time

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October 23, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Day…three…or five (?) of being sick.  Trying to find the silver lining in all of this brain-fog, but it’s been difficult.  Good news: one nostril is back in commission at least part of the time.  Little victories.  Yay.  Anyway, enough about my mucus.  I wish I could find something more interesting about how I came to respect today’s project, but really, I just needed a little pick-me-up and today’s project made me smile.  More importantly, I think it has the power to make a lot of people smile, which is why I’m throwing the Kick-Off’s humble spotlight its way today.

Spending Time will be a series of intrusions into the daily lives of interesting people by one Mr. Dale Seever, an intrepid, professional podcaster and an all-around clever man.  He’s been at it for years and has amassed a respectable following of at least tens of people from around the world (possibly elevens now that I’m on board), but this series promises something a little special.  Check it out and back it before October 30.

For each episode, Dale has asked a talented individual, most of whom he has never met, what they’d like to do for an afternoon. Like Dick Cavett on wheels, the four short videos will feature Dale interviewing his guests in various locations in and around New York.


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