Day 296: Contact

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October 22, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Still sick.  Uuuhg.  Please, let me never again forget how wonderful it feels not to be ill.  Let me always take full advantage of being able to breathe and move and think clearly.  Being human is a tricky business.  There are so many flaws built into each one of us.  We’re innately bad at a lot of things (not least of which is staying healthy, clear-minded and productive), but there are some things that I would miss if I were to ever migrate my consciousness to another piece of hardware.  Machines are becoming ever-more integrated into what we are.  Someday, maybe even someday soon, the lines between biology and technology will blur into insignificance.  Before that day comes, however, we have a lot to think about.  Today’s project gives us plenty to ponder.

Mediated Touch is a study of man and machine, and the uniqueness that each enjoy…though perhaps for not much longer.  With greater leaps in technological power come greater leaps in technological responsibility.  Check out this project’s exploration of sense and sensors, and back it before October 28.

This is about me realizing an idea of mine. This is me asking for your help and offering you to be part of this idea of mine in return. What I get out of it are the resources for building a telepresence robot of my own design, which is based on principles of submersionimplicit interaction and embodiment. I will use this robot for a series of studies on mediated presence, embodiment and human robot interaction.


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