Day 289: A New Farm Family

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October 15, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

I’ve expressed my interest and admiration for farms in the past.  Real farms, that is.  Farms where the crops and creatures and the land itself are understood and respected (even if manipulated and taken advantage of).  Farms don’t need to be factories.  In fact, they shouldn’t be, because the bottom line is comprised of more than just dollars and cents.  Truly good farming requires reverence for a more comprehensive view of its outputs.  Today’s project is about a truly good farm.

The Coleraine Farm has been in operation for over two centuries, and is now in the hands of a generation facing questions and issues that its founders never could have foreseen.  The farm is evolving while staying true to its tenets, and it’s doing so with our help.  Check out what they have planned and back it before October 18.

Save the family farm by helping it become an educational homestead and school for the arts!  The Coleraine Farm School, in Brookfield, New Hampshire, will be a  place where a person with a curious mind and the will to learn can study things ranging from bio-dynamic farming, to sculpture, to building a cob Earth Oven.


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