Day 287: Savorware

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October 13, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

I believe that a good life is full of moments with meaning.  They can happen anywhere, at any time and involve anything – food, books, streets, clothes, people… More and more, though, our experiences involve software.  Whether we’re out on the streets, in restaurants, on the road, in the park, with friends, with family or alone, we take our phones, tablets, computers with us, and the ways in which we interact with those circuits and screens makes a difference.  Software makes a difference.  Software shapes the way we interact with the technology that surrounds us, and so software shapes the moments we spend surrounded by and engaged with technology.  Today’s project wants to make those moments special.

Making Things Special is a book by people who not only seek out experiences to savor, but actively try to create them through their software design work.  Now, they’re chronicling their most savory software examples in a book to educate and inspire more meaningful, memorable man-and-machine moments.  Back it soon because the deadline for this book is coming up in about two hours from now.

Software is the canvas with which countless experiences are being created every day. And the number is only increasing. As more surfaces become interactive, more software will be created to run on those surfaces. And making something that not only gets the job done, but connects with an audience on an emotional level is a challenge. The book is called Making Things Special. It’s a collection of essays and illustrations that give lessons and inspiration on the art of creating standout user experiences. The book is divided into three sections. The first covers the history and context of creating user experiences today. The second covers the role of the user experience designer. The third gets down to brass tacks in terms of techniques and specifics on creating the user experiences themselves.


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