Day 285: The Doomsday Show

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October 11, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

I’m a sucker for talk radio.  Well, maybe not radio per semaybe more audio/vocal media.  Audiobooks are like storytime – it’s great.  Podcasts are in many ways even better because they can convey fascinating, complex and profound stories, in their entirety, in a digestible format that you might be able to absorb in the span of your ride home from work.  Some podcasts, like some books, will make you laugh or cry, relate, ponder, imagine and think.  Some will make you smarter intellectually, others emotionally, some even socially.  Some might even just be for fun.  Today’s project is a great mixture of fun and intellect…with a little doom thrown in for thrills.  Today’s project is about a science podcast going beyond your ears.

Big Picture Science is throwing a little doomsday party and you’re invited.  Check it out (and check out the show) and get on board this trip to the end of the world by backing it before October 13.

On Saturday, October 27, 2012, we’ll be participating in the Bay Area Science Festival by taking our show to the stage for a live investigation of doomsday. End of the world predictions are as old as civilization, and while some have no basis in reality, others are actually scientifically credible. Some people believe that the world will end this December, and credit the ancient Mayan civilization for doing the math to reach that conclusion. But is there any truth to the claim? Others believe that aliens are among us, preparing for a hostile takeover of our planet. But some cosmic threats from space are plausible. Could a giant rock from space strike the earth, and, if big enough, sterilize the planet? We’ll bring a variety of top scientists from a number of fields on stage to help separate the fact from the fiction when it comes to doomsday prediction.


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