Day 284: Speaking Freely

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October 10, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

You might think you’re jaded because you’re getting sick of the election already.  You’ve got nothing on me.  I was bored and even frustrated with it months (years?) ago.  Why?  Because I think there’s a lack of credibility on all sides, from all parties, through all voices.  I get the sense that despite good intentions, there are weird, tricky, probably even subconscious mechanisms that get pleasure from selling stories, half-truths and even mis-truths to other people.  Persuasion is fun, for better or worse.  Today’s project believes that persuasion can be used for better, and is asking for our help to prove truth’s power.  DecodeDC is not a show that works on a commission basis for every story told; it’s a show that’s not on anyone’s side but the truth’s, and despite a lot of disagreement and willful ignorance, that’s the side I think most people have the hardest time fighting against.  Or at least that’s the way it should be.  Then again, the world isn’t ideal, and the truth is often easy (and fun!) to hide or twist or somehow-or-another corrupt.  Then again, this show hasn’t come yet into its full glory.  Help me change that by backing it before October 19.

DecodeDC is a new way to cover Washington. We are tired of the same old red vs. blue stories, the exhausting horserace coverage of elections. We yearn for stories with depth, on issues that really matter. 


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