Day 271: Brink

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September 27, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

As a biologist, and maybe just as a person who thinks a lot about live, I have a very sharp appreciation for evolution, ecosystems and the immeasurable interactions and interrelationships between systems of life on scales big and (very) small.  I don’t fully understand these relationships – I think hardly anyone does, or perhaps even can.  There are forces at work in the balance of resources and power, production and consumption, predation, parasitism, symbiosis and cooperation that are almost impossible to fathom, and virtually impossible to calculate.  This, to me, is reason enough to pay attention when even one player in this very big game of life on Earth is threatened with expulsion.  Today’s project is examining the threat that faces so many of our fellow Earth-dwelling organisms, and what we might be able to do about it.  The Heist is a film that thinks the first step to addressing the threat that faces Earth’s biodiversity is becoming aware of it.

The team that infiltrated The Cove is back—with some new faces—to hatch a plan even bigger and bolder than the last. We’re bringing the sights and sounds of species on the brink of extinction to the front of the world stage, in an event that will forever change what it means to take action for the planet. Departing from the confines of a traditional documentary, the film will capture the drastic measures necessary for initiating cultural change while inspiring millions of viewers to join our mission.

Looks are deceiving.  The smallest species often (very often, in fact), play some of the largest roles in supporting life throughout an ecosystem.  If we’re going to continue to reshape the natural world to our will, we should at least do so with a clearer, fuller understanding of what will come of rules that no other species has ever been able to bend this far before.  I strive to believe that we can do as much good as bad in our re-write of nature’s rules, but I also believe that in order to make such judgements about good, bad and downright dangerous, we should pause to consider the full scope of our actions.  This movie, I hope and believe, will help do just that.  Back it before September 29.


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