Day 268: Short, Sweet, Complete

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September 24, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Star Trek is a show that had been recommended to me for years.  I had heard it called insightful and funny and thoughtful and interesting and fun, but it wasn’t until someone pointed out a genuinely unique characteristic of the show that I really developed an interest (and ultimately an appreciation and an admiration) for it.  The episodes stand on their own.  Yes, they’re inexorably linked together in the series, connected by recurring characters with continuity of plot, but each episode is a full-course meal – there is a distinct beginning, middle and (most of the time) a conclusion.  Appetizer, entree, dessert – a complete story in every episode, and an excellent treat on an evening after a long day of work.  Short stories share this unique wholeness.  Unlike novels, short stories are digestible morsels with standalone capacity.  I’m beginning now to consider the merits of short stories as a bedtime snack, and today’s project is making my proverbial mouth water for them.

Check out the Electric Velocipede and you’ll understand why.  Become a part of a long list of short stories by backing it before September 26.

Electric Velocipede is an eclectic, speculative fiction magazine. The magazine was founded in 2001 and has published at least two issues (and the occasional double issue) every year since. Editor/founder John Klima worked alone to make the first sixteen issues of Electric Velocipede (issue 15/16 was a double issue). The first five issues were copied, collated, folded, and stapled by hand! Since then, Klima has recruited a small staff to help get the magazine out to the world.


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