Day 267: Cooking Up Something Different

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September 23, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Of all the projects so far funded by The Kick-Off – of all the inspired, beautiful, funny, unique, groundbreaking and even disruptive projects I’ve come across, I still can’t help but smile widely when I find a project I know will make an impact in peoples’ lives starting now.  Big ideas don’t have to be far away in time; they don’t need hundreds of thousands of dollars to make a difference; they can start with one family and one stove.  That’s the premise of today’s project, and that’s why I’m so proud to support it.  Take a look at the Kenya Stove to better understand its vision for cleaner, cheaper, healthier, more efficient and environmentally-sustainable cooking all across the developing world, and back it before September 26 to be a part of something great, today.

We have designed a highly efficient stove that runs on wood chips and can be produced in Kenya for less than $5. In a six-month pilot project, we will demonstrate the Kenyan Stove’s effectiveness to artisans and consumers.  We will work with local sheet-metal artisans to manufacture and sell 1000 units, and conduct field research to optimize the open-source Kenya Stove design for the needs of Kenyan cooks.


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