Day 266: Start Something

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September 22, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

I’m something of a start-up junkie.  The idea of delivering something of value to people through a vessel that might outlast me; that’s bigger than me and that will extend my reach, enlarge and maybe even immortalize my footprint on humanity – that’s an idea that stirs me from boredom or apathy.  Starting something of that nature requires boldness and bravery; confidence in the face of uncertainty and a willingness to bear risks both tangible and intangible, predictable and unforeseeable, for the sake of changing the world.  Entrepreneurs are amazing.  Some are brilliant; some get lucky (most make their own luck); some are struggling; some fail – all of them, though, are doing.  Building.  Creating things bigger than themselves, to last longer than themselves.  Today’s project is about them, for them and for everyone they touch, which in a world so connected as ours, is virtually all of us.

Endeavorist TV will be a webseries following the new lives of small businesses, from conception to first steps and beyond, the show goes behind the scenes of businesses as they grow from ethereal seeds of ideas.  It’s a show to learn from and be enlightened and perhaps even inspired by.  Get in on the ground floor – back it on Kickstarter before September 25.

[W]e like webseries, and we think the ideas behind our startup are big and exciting enough to make our story pretty interesting, (and hopefully entertaining!). We’re trying to change the world of exploration and discovery– cool, right? Except that’s a lot easier said than done, especially when half of us just graduated from college and never dreamed of such a wild undertaking. Still, we’re extremely passionate about building a better future for science. Why not bring the world (and you) along for the ride?


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