Day 265: Light Up the Night

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September 21, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

I don’t know how I feel about “The 99%”.  I suppose statistically, I’m one of them, but there’s a lot of anger I don’t feel.  Maybe I should.  There’s definitely a lot to be angry about; I just haven’t had the time or even the inclination to get pissed.  Frankly, anger turns me off.  Even when justified, fury seems like a waste of energy.  Don’t get mad, get smart (not that the two are always mutually exclusive).  Today’s project is just the right mixture of “mad” and “smart” that I think is clever, unique and passive enough to get attention and provoke thought without causing people to get alarmed, raise their defenses and close their minds.

The Illuminator is a mobile, mega-scale projector – van-mounted and driven by passionate and crafty disruptors on a mission of surprise and fearlessness.  If you’re a “rule” person, this project might not be for you.  If, however, you know that some rules are already broken and it’s a courageous and important thing to attempt to fix them, then I hope you’ll join me in backing this project before September 25.

The Illuminator, in case you haven’t heard, is a tactical media machine (aka a van with a really powerful projector, sound system, and library) that has been roaming the streets of New York City and beyond, bringing the spirit and message of the movement of the 99% to street corners and public squares everywhere.


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