Day 264: Pipe Dreams

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September 20, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

I think the following clip is a good way to introduce this post:

Today’s project is not about highways, but the salient point is that infrastructure has a tremendous impact on the stability or instability, failure or success of an entire civilization.  Today’s project is focusing on one other (relatively un-sexy) element of critical infrastructure at the foundation of technological advancement: pipes.

TOHL has built a better pipeline, and is bringing it almost anywhere.  A rapidly-deployable, rapidly-retractable, low-impact, small-footprint, flexible, durable pipeline that can carry anything from water to wires across landscapes that conventionally would cause budgets to soar.

Our innovation allows us to spool much longer sections of flexible  high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe – from 500m to several kilometers  in length – and install it via helicopter!  Beyond being way cooler, this method reduces the  number of welds necessary, cutting labor costs by 80% compared to  conventional methods, and allows us to lay pipeline over very difficult  terrain with unprecedented speed. Seriously, it’s good stuff!

Good stuff is small, flexible, portable, has a small footprint but makes a big impression.  It’s a new way – a better way – of doing something important for potentially thousands (thousands of thousands) of people around the world.  Back TOHL’s campaign of pipe dreams before September 23.


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