Day 258: Breakfast of Champions

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September 14, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

TED Talks are great, is awesome, and the Open Science Series (if successful), will be amazing too.  Chances are, you’re already familiar with why that is.  If not, you’ve been missing out on an incredible opportunity to hear from some of the most creative, innovative and visionary people of our time.  Not everything on the internet is worth watching – not everything ever uttered is worth reflecting upon or repeating, but all that which is deserves to be captured and preserved to be shared and learned from now and forever.

I like to believe that enlightenment happens every minute of every day somewhere in the world.  Somewhere now, two (or more) people are sharing ideas, learning from one another and expanding their perspectives.  Sometimes, these enlightnments happen en masse, as dozens or even hundreds of people congregate to listen and share.  Chances are, there’s an event somewhere near you with magic like this on the agenda; chances are, that event has been brought to you by CreativeMornings.

CreativeMornings organizes free conferences (and breakfasts) for, by and with entrepreneurs, designers, chefs, artists and all manner of creative people from around the world.  Over the past year, they’ve brought monthly meetings of minds to over 34 new cities across six continents.  Now, they’re hoping to capture the magic of these meetings digitally to help make mornings a little more meaningful to almost anyone, anywhere.  With your help, of course.

Here’s why we’re turning to Kickstarter. We have the potential to create a growing archive of stories, ideas and advice from remarkable creative minds across 34 cities, but we need to start building it now.

A library is a beautiful thing.  It allows multitides of people to access stored and cataloged information that might otherwise be confined to the minds of the first-hand witnesses.  Help CreativeMornings expand the seating room in the dozens of conferences it holds every month and become a member of dozens of audiences without ever leaving home by backing this project on Kickstarter before September 17.


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