Day 254: Smart Art

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September 10, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

A conference for software engineers-turned-artists, artists-turned-software engineers sounds like quite a show; quite a place to experience art in a new way – to discover new dimensions of technology and entertainment – technology, science, design and aesthetic.  The LISA Conference has turned to Kickstarter to deliver all of this and more, and hopes that you and I will join in the journey to the future of art.  It’s a trip I’m glad to be a part of, and one I hope you’ll join me in before September 13.

Putting advertising people together with museum curators? Seriously?

Yes, and artists and engineers too!  Although these fields might seem diametrically opposed, they actually have a terrific amount in common.  They all deal directly with the human response to sensory, conceptual and emotional input.  They’re all being disrupted by advances in technology.  Besides, the use of technology as an artistic medium spreads across disciplines in a way you wouldn’t see with painting or sculpture.  Many legitimate interactive artists make money doing creative work for brands, while some of the work creative coders and designers produce at work is worthy of the name art.


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