Day 253: Story Time

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September 9, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Tell me a story.

Tell me a story about something you’ve lived through or something you’ve done; something that’s changed you; something that, after even just hearing about it, might change me too.  Tell me a story that will make me wonder about my own life – my own stories.  Tell me your story.

Narratively is telling stories from and about and for the millions of people in a city built on stories: New York.  Their mission begins and end with each story as its own entity; not restricting any given tale to a single format.  Short stories and long, films, poems and everything in between – the creators are focused on delivering the message in the most genuine way possible.  I dig that and hope that you’ll join me in becoming part of this and thus a million other stories through Narratively’s Kickstarter, which ends in a mere 12 hours.

Narratively slows down the news cycle. Each week, we’ll explore a different theme about New York and publish a series of connected stories — just one a day — told in the most appropriate medium for each piece. We might feature a longform article with portrait photos on a Monday, followed by an animated documentary on Tuesday, then a photo essay, an audio piece or a short documentary film. Every story gets the space and time it needs to have an impact. We’ll bring you weeks devoted to New York’s waterways, hustlers, sexual subcultures, obscure pastimes and countless other themes. We’ll even get you involved in theme and story selection.


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