Day 252: Adaptation

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September 8, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

How many good things can be said of the entertainment industry?  Every year, we celebrate a handful of especially great films, great albums, great shows.  Why, though, do these gems make up only a handful out of the hundreds of pieces of “entertainment” made each year?  Why would the entertainment industry not evolve like any other free-market industry, to gradually improve its offerings over time, matching demand with desirable products?  Maybe because the entertainment market has not been a free market for a very long time.  Maybe it’s time for that to change.

And change, it seems, has begun!  From the bottom-up!  Crowdsourcing has enabled grass-roots, independent and even amateur artists, musicians and filmmakers to share stage space with Hollywood studios – to win the attention and the love of fans more interested in good film and good music than on box offices and top 40.  (The two are not mutually exclusive, but c’mon, what percentage of films that showed up in theaters this year were great?  And what percentage of films supported through Kickstarter were great?  Somebody, please, do the [admittedly subjective] math on this.)

Now, change spreads its vines outward and upward – to the artists and creators actually in the industrial entertainment complex, who’ve struggled over multi-decade-long careers to produce those handful of gems we went to theaters for.  Charlie Kaufman, the man behind numerous provocative, enlightening, strange and outstanding films, is making the bold leap into the hands of the crowd – asking we, the people, the audience, to exercise our demand for good film and in so doing, support the production of a film we regard as worthy of that endorsement.

Anomalisa will be Kaufman’s first stop-motion film, as well as his first crowd-funded film.  It’s my hope that through this film’s (presumptive) success, a signal will echo through Hollywood that will call producers, artists and directors out of the studios and into the streets to meet the people they’ve claimed to be creating for; to be judged and ultimately, to adapt (to survive).  Send that signal by backing this film before September 9.

The team believes crowd sourced funding will allow them to maintain the purity of Kaufman’s original vision. “I’m ecstatic to have the slightest hand in bringing more Kaufman to more people. I’m even more excited about the ramifications of this project’s success. It feels like viewers and creatives waking up from a hundred year nightmare to find out they’ve been spooning the whole time.” says Dan Harmon, Executive Producer.


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