Day 250: Ground Floor

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September 6, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Space elevators are a fascinating idea.  A powerful idea.  An idea whose time has yet to arrive.  So far, space elevators have been little more than ideas.  Today’s project might end that.

LiftPort has been dreaming up and designing platforms capable of delivering payloads and people off-planet for nearly a decade.  For much of that decade, progress has been limited by technological and logistical constraints associated with Earthly endeavors in the early 21st century.  A recent breakthrough, however, might pave the way for a lift of lunar proportions – so they’re starting on the moon.

This Lunar Elevator is a new effort. It is part of LiftPort’s revival program. This system can be built now, while Earth’s Elevator requires several more breakthroughs. We think we should focus on building this Lunar Space Elevator Infrastructure  (LSEI or “Elsie”) as a prerequisite to the main goal.

A lunar-bound elevator to space might seem impractical to you and I, but the concept here is what’s exciting.  LiftPort is asking you and I to help fund a feasibility study – one that has the potential to fundamentally change our relationship with space – to extend our reach as a species, beyond the planet we’ve been bound to for the entirety of our existence.  If that sounds like a step worth taking, or at least having the option to take, I hope you’ll join me in funding this project before September 13.


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