Day 248: God, Save the Queen

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September 4, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

It’s an unfortunately characteristic of our nature to seek simplicity in favor of objective truth.  We crave the short answer – we skip to the end, content in thinking that we’ve absorbed the substance of an issue without having to wade through the details.  We even pride ourselves on our short-cut answers and quick fixes – a testament to our human cleverness.  A testament, too, to our human shortsightedness.

The universe, let alone the Earth, is teeming with systems we do not understand.  Systems too intricate to comfortably address in full, and thus systems we do not fully address.  As it turns out, when the short answer is not the right answer, the consequences can sometimes be dire.  We find ourselves facing a situation we do not fully comprehend, and one that threatens us, and yet we must actively work against our easy-way-out nature in order to engage our creative problem-solving powers.  Today’s project is doing the hard thing of staring at a problem in the face and daring to recognize the reality of a threat.  Today’s project is about bees.

Colony collapse disorder might be something you’ve heard of and thought about – maybe even something you’ve considered important – but probably not something you’ve considered sufficiently important to do something about – to change your behavior for.  Maybe because the costs or risks of doing something about it seem too high – maybe you just don’t know the costs or risks.  Frankly, I don’t, and I haven’t changed my behavior in a meaningful way to respond to the threat that faces me.  Frankly, I’m a little ashamed of that. is creating a platform to educate, inspire and ultimately create new beekeepers – to help invoke meaningful, substantial and quantitative solutions to something that’s so far been largely ignored.  That, to me, makes it an enlightened project with profound meaning, and one I hope you’ll join me in supporting before the deadline closes on September 6.

We want to implement a community and national outreach program dedicated to the backyard beekeeper, and help bring our food back to a local level again.


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