Day 247: History Makers

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September 3, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

On a day like today, when we’re meant to take account of the hard work done not just by us, but that done by others around and before us.  We as a species work pretty hard – not like squirrels or bears who work tirelessly to survive through winters and feed their young – a bit like ants, I suppose, who actually strive to do more than just survive.  We work for longer-term goals; we build for the future – for generations to come.  We, unlike the mighty ant colony, are remarkable also in that every one of us, individually, has enough creative capacity to make meaningful changes in history.  That’s something to work for.

Today’s project is celebrating the legacy of one of history’s greatest groundbreakers: Nikola Tesla.

Electricity is a docu-drama (a factual recollection of real-life accounts, played out in character) about Tesla’s difficult life as an inventor, a visionary and a threat to some of the most powerful people around him.

Have you ever felt unrewarded or pushed aside for your efforts and contributions in something that you worked very hard for?  Then Imagine if you had created something so important that the world as we know it today could not exist without your invention. Now, imagine that you did all for these very important things and your name was removed as the inventor and even erased from history itself.

It’s amazing how much of our modern world can be traced back to Tesla’s contributions.  Let’s remember the work he did, preserve and indeed promote his efforts – regard him as the champion that he was (and still is) so that others, now and in the future, might look to him for inspiration in their own pursuit of a better world.  Back this film before September 9.


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