Day 246: Dimensions

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September 2, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

I like movies.  I appreciate movies.  When the substance of a film goes beyond the screen; when the words and the visuals reach beyond your eyes, beyond your subcortical pleasure centers, tapping into deeper emotional and cognitive systems – that’s when a film becomes more than sheer entertainment – that’s when it develops true significance.  An additional dimension beyond entertainment.  The “ooh and aah” value of that dimension is more valuable, I think, than any 3D cinematography, which, while impressive, is principally superficial.  Today’s project is a film with the power to captivate our limbic systems and engage our frontal lobes to add greater depth and higher dimension to entertainment.

Nekko is a film from a cast and crew whose dedication and enthusiasm for their work is thickly painted on every frame.  The story is a fairytale, following a young girl in feudal Japan as she struggles to find a world beyond the one she’s known in her mother’s farmhouse.  Her universe folds and unfolds as she explores and the passion and talent of the film’s production team is going to bring this magic to life.  Check out the trailer, read a bit about the story, hear what the cast and crew are bringing to the table (and how excited they are to bring it), and I think you’ll soon want to join me in backing this film on Kickstarter.  The project closes on September 7, but this story is just beginning.

 Set on a remote farm in Feudal Japan, nine-year-old Kue wishes to be free from the strict regimen of manual labor imposed by her widowed mother. When strange roots begin to overrun their crops, Kue’s mother mysteriously disappears, leaving Kue to revel in her newfound freedom. She finds an unlikely friend in a magical origami hummingbird, but when the sinister roots steal her new companion, Kue decides to attempt a rescue. Descending into a subterranean world below the roots, Kue is confronted by a reality that is more complex than she ever could have imagined.

Nucleus accumbens



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