Day 245: A Wild Ride

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September 1, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Giant. Walking. Robots.  Well, actually just one so far, but after today’s project, the limitations on what’s possible clearly warrant reconsideration.  Meet Stompy:

We dream of a world where imagination becomes reality simply because enough passionate people decide that an idea has merit. We dream of robots of all shapes and sizes being made across the globe, because the high-end technology needed to make them is simplified, generalized, and made publicly accessible.

Are they building a giant six-legged, rideable robot?  Yes.  But don’t let the awesomeness of that alone fool you – there’s important work being done behind the scenes.  Intro to Robotics has never been a more engaging course as when the final project will roam the streets of Boston, towering above cars, marching past traffic as the pilots wave to awe-struck onlookers.  (Granted, in Boston, giant robots are almost to be expected…I love this town.)

The bright future I envision might not include mass production of six-legged transportation robotic transportation, but it most certainly does include an enormous population of imaginative, engaged and excited innovators performing breathtaking, groundbreaking feats for fun.  That future comes a little bit closer through operations like Project Hexapod, so if it’s a future you’d like to be a part of, I ask you to join me in supporting it on Kickstarter in the next 9-ish hours.


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