Day 235: Visible Hands

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August 22, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

I believe I’ve remarked recently about how glad I am to live in a city with access to farmers’ markets.  Having access to numerous well-stocked, fairly-priced, brand-name-carrying grocery stores is a first-world luxury, but such an abundance of cheap processed, prepared, refined and artificial foods comes with some pretty serious first-world problems.  Farmers’ markets offer an elegant solution from old-fashioned concepts – natural and whole foods, without big brand names, with fewer steps between the earth and your plate, brought to market in a healthy competition amongst the growers, herders, feeders, vendors and artisans.  Today’s project is bringing a new dimension of meaning to the notion of “Healthy Competition”.

Until now, San Diego, CA has lacked a public market.  London, San Francisco, Barcelona and even Detroit all boast public markets where people can buy home-grown food and hand-made goods directly from the homes and hands that produced them.

You might think that the city or county would have established a public market years ago, or that they’d be donating a cool old building or a bunch of money. Sorry, no go. We’re going to have to do it ourselves.

Known for its year-round growing season, and for being a generally forward-thinking town overall, San Diego’s lack of this kind of platform came as a surprise to me – an unpleasant one until I understood that that will soon change with your help and mine.  Through this Kickstarter, we have an opportunity to help build something meaningful and lasting – something that can and will impact an entire city, perhaps a region for years and maybe generations to come.  If that sounds like something you’d like to be a part of – maybe even something to be known for and remembered by – then I hope you’ll join me in backing the San Diego Public Market on Kickstarter before August 24.


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